Dog DNA Test – A Review

Of the different dog breed dna test companies I looked at, I chose Wisdom Panel. It seemed to have the largest database of breeds available in their dna test for dogs. What I really liked was that it gave me not only the mix of breeds my dog was but also predicted what breed my dog’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were. Dog genetic testing is still fairly new though so I did have one instance where one great grandparent generation just said mixed breed as the percentages were to low to determine any specific breeds.

I knew what my dog’s primary breed was but could never figure out the mix. When the pet dna test came back with Catahoula, I started looking into the breed and everything began to make sense. Her look and those quirky things I love about her are common in the breeds that the test came back with.

I can’t recommend this dog dna test enough. I have no doubt it will help “shed” some light on those mystery breed mixes!


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